Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling Better

Ah, the drama of the Theatre. If only people knew what kind of craziness goes on backstage! I think they'd be waay more impressed with the kind of magic we thespians create ON stage.

So far, rehearsals for my latest show are going well. Even though I'm only a lowly chorus girl, I've already impressed the music director, earned a solo in one of the big songs, and received a VERY poor impression of the person who got the role I wanted (code name: Public Frenemy #2).

This last is a positive thing, because I think it's healthy to have something to be a little bitter about. As long as there isn't too much rancor there (which there's not... I promise). I just think that... well, I wouldn't be much of a thespian if I didn't relish the drama, y'know?

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