Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts about Jane Eyre

  • My opinion of this movie is biased by the fact that I’m completely in love with the book, and have seen every movie version I can find. Just so you know.
  • This is a pretty movie. It’s not a scary movie (although it tries to be, at times), and it’s not a funny movie. It’s pretty.
  • It’s also a dark movie. The goal here seemed to be atmosphere and feeling, and the first was done well, while I had issues with the second.

  • Jane was not upset enough about Mr. Rochester. In the beginning of their relationship. The whole ‘falling in love’ bit was portrayed more by Mr. Rochester himself, interestingly enough. So that you could tell he was falling for her, but her… not so much. Also, she didn’t hate Blanch enough at all.

  • She WAS very upset later, at the wedding/aftermath. That was beautifully done.
  • WHY OH WHY do they insist on having every. Single. Person. Talk about how handsome Rochester ISN’T, and then cast him as a very handsome person?? Just ONCE, I’d like to see him played by a genuinely ugly man.

  • I mean, they have no problem at all with making Jane look plain.

  • I wish they hadn’t taken out all the funny stuff. Seriously… it’s all gone.
  • I’m gonna buy this movie.

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  1. Also, is it just me, or does he look like Michael Buble in the poster?